Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Best Medicine

I think I’ve figured out why women, on average, live longer than men. One word: laughter. Women love to laugh, do it frequently and with much gusto. And yes, it is our job as men to make them laugh.

It is amazing how much a woman can laugh – providing she gets someone to make her. I’ve red polls that place a guy’s ability to make her laugh on the top of a woman’s attraction criteria for men. In other words, you can be a Jude Law or Brad Pitt himself, but if you can’t make her chuckle, she’d go for Jason Alexander look-alike who can crack her up.

And they don’t even require men to make them laugh. I mean, whenever I see a group of two or more women, they are usually just absorbed in each other’s silliness, giggling non-stop and just generally having a ball of a time.

We men are much harder to amuse. Our lives are revolving around getting women to sleep with us, and that’s hard work – not a laughing matter. In the process, we have to fend off competition, make money, have careers and are generally expected to be serious about life. We do laugh occasionally, but with our friends, we are much more serious than women – talking about sports, investments, women or cars – but not in any kind of laughing fashion. The only humorous thing we are supposed to do is entertain women around us. If we can’t get them using our looks or our money, laughter is about the only, and probably the best thing left.

I just wish we men could take lives with the same doze of light-heartedness. We have a lot to learn from women. How to walk on high heels and be graceful. How to enjoy spas, bubblebaths and manicures. How to have a truly fun time with friends. How to dance and have a good time with it. How to live well – including the extra 10 years, on average, that we don’t get to live.